The Perfection of Yarn Bombing

By Urban Fauna Studio Intern: Tina Li

What is Yarn Bombing? Some believe Yarn Bombing started out by a few Texas knitters who had no idea what to do with the leftover and unfinished projects they created. The basic definition of Yarn Bombing is exactly what it looks like! You can wrap anything and almost everything around with leftover and or unfinished projects. Take a bike rack for example, if it’s your property, then you can knit a cozy for it and then apply it onto the bike rack to make it more aesthetic. This movement still continues all around the world. There’s even a International Yarn Bombing day, which was observed on June 11, 2011. Unlike graffiti, it doesn’t damage to public or private property. Yarn Bombing is restricted in certain countries or public/private property unless given permission by the owner. Below is an extraordinary video of a Yarn Bombed Bull! Check it out!

I think that Yarn Bombing is the most interesting thing about Fiber Arts because you can express your creativity into the artwork you’ve done and you can also have fun! My experiences in Yarn Bombing was quite spectacular. I Yarn Bombed a bike rack cozy. It wasn’t hard at all. I knitted throughout the whole process and just stitched it on when I was done with the body. It made the bike rack cozy artistic! Shown below is my latest creation, the Green Yarn Bombed Bike Rack Cozy!



http://blog.urbanfaunastudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/P1010016-225x300.jpg" alt="P1010016" width="297" height="300" />


Posted by Urban Fauna Studio Intern:: Tina Li

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