Headphones at Urban Fauna Studio?

Headphones you Say?

Recently a company called thinksound contacted Urban Fauna Studio asking if we’d be interested in selling their product. My first thoughts were: not really the right product for my shop as we are a fiber arts boutique. Then I was thinking well if enough people were interested in the product we might grab some
and have them around for the holiday season. Before making any kind of purchase out of my usual retail realm especially with any kind of electronics I would need to have some sort of first hand experience with the product. I contacted the company back, writing to
Aaron Fournier CEO and Engineer, asking for the price-list and if at all possible to test a few pairs and to be able to see a difference between the two finishes that they offer.

We quickly received two pairs of headphones, a set of tso1’s & a tso2+mic, each one representing the two finishes that the y have to offer. One in the silver cherry and one in the black chocolate. Over the weekend we’ve been testing the headphones in different situations and by listening to different types of music as
well as different formats. We listen to a wide range of of music from classical and jazz to hip-hop and metal. Formats that we tried were MP3 320Kbps, AIFF, ACC 320Kbps and the Apple Lossless.  We tried the mic out on the tso2+mic and it seems to work well both in respects to the person on the other end hearing us clearly as well as we were able to hear the other person.

Our Experience and the Differences Between the Two Models

To be fair we listened to the same set of songs in the same format on both pair of thinksound™ in-ear headphones as well as the supplied ear-buds by Apple with a new iPhone over a period of 4 days. Right off the bat the tso2+mic quickly became the favorite as they have a
very well rounded sound that seems to capture all the highs and mids as well as handle a pretty robust bass level even at the highest level of volume. If you really like the thump of your bass the tso1’s handle bass in a very different manner, VERY RICH and FULL, but we felt that the highs were to soft unless you start playing with the EQ. Both of the thinksound™ models were MUCH more COMFORTABLE to wear than the Apple set of ear-buds. Apple ear-buds are way to tinny for my taste and never seem to stay in my ears.  Between the ts01’s and the ts02+mic I felt that the ts01’s were unnoticeable while wearing and the ts02+mic was only slightly noticeable while wearing them, mainly because I like to clip the mic down.

Both sets were packaged in eco friendly recycled cardboard with no wasteful plastics and come with a great unbleached cotton sack to stash the headphones in. The opening procedure was hassle free and the overall appearance is great. The wood for the body is stunning and beautiful far beyond what a camera can capture. The design is simple and we think very functional between the wood body for a true resonance and the in-ear sealed plug, four sizes to choose from, to also help cancel out noise. They also sport a PVC free cable with a full gold plated tip for excellent sound transfer from device to ear.

Price Point You Ask?

So MSRP on Headphones from thinksound™ range from $75.00 – $100.00 USD each set. Are they worth it? It depends on how much you value a great Eco-conciuos set of headphones. They sound great either model you choose, the tso1 if you really really like bass or if you like well rounded check out the ts02’s, look unique and feel great. I would say the cost is spot on for a great value in the headphone realm especially when you factor in the companies slogan, “Clear sound with a clearer conscience is what we believe in.”, which directly refers to the incredibly small eco footprint this fine quality crafted  product has. The guys over at <a
href=”http://www.thinksound.com/who.php” target=”_blank”>thinksound™ have created a phenomenal product that has been years in the making. It seems that everywhere you look now the latest fad is to make it out of wood. Have you looked at you speakers at home though? The ones in your home entertainment center or the ones on your book shelf chances are they are made of wood and for a good reason, it sounds great. It would just make sense to make some headphones out of wood as well then right? Probably not as easy to design, but thinksound™ has mastered it.


The ts02’s are a great headphone set! My absolute go to headphone set has been the Sony MDR V-600 Studio Monitors for a
number of years. The comfy over ear design along with the extra long cord on a single side have done me plenty good, but the sleek ts02 is definitely a very close second edging to first because of the portability, great sound they produce, and as these in-ears headphones stay in your ear one can even sleep comfortably with them in. A great upgrade from your standard run of the mill ear-buds or in-ear headphones. Great price for the awesome sound they produce. What I would like to see is a set of over the ear headphones with the beautiful wood body that can create the deep rich bass and also hold the mids and highs well.

So I ask you my readers, What do you think? Leave me comments about the product or ask any further questions about my experience with them. Should Urban Fauna Studio carry some of these headphones? They are electronics but they have a sustainability to them and a very small Eco-footprint. Leave your
comments, share and spread the news. I think that it is wonderful that there is a company out there making some pretty HIFI electronics that can be manufactured with a conscious effort to reduce the impact on our small planet. They even have a recycle program to close to loop. you can send in a pair of headphones, even broken, and receive a discount on a future purchase.



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